ReachFive creates frictionless authentication for a superior consumer experience

By providing a modern and convenient authentication for consumers, ReachFive enables brands to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction with the authentication process
  • Make more customers active in their accounts regularly
  • Improve business results, since authenticated customers buy more

Key features that enable brands to connect:

adaptive authentication-centered

Adaptive Authentication

ReachFive creates a modern and convenient customer experience through state-of-the-art authentication. In additional to traditional ID/password, ReachFive provides accelerated but secured access via biometrics and email/SMS one time password (OTP). Security measures such as security questions, multi-factored authentication (MFA) and OpenID compliance ensure a safe login for every customer.

lite registeration and account creation-centered

Lite Registration

ReachFive enables consumers to create an account quickly, or access online services without going through a registration process. Social login and login via third-party ID gives consumers instant access or immediate account creation without providing additional information. ReachFive also provides other means of lite registration such as passwordless email/SMS access.

continuous connection-centered

Continuous Connection

ReachFive reduces friction by enabling customers to stay connected continuously once authenticated. Single sign-on means customers can be authenticated once and move seamlessly between a company’s online services. Silent authentication recognizes a customer’s patterns of movement and usage and uses it to maintain authentication. Device flow maintains connection with browserless interfaces.


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