ReachFive builds consumer trust through consent management

By empowering consumers with direct control over their identity data in a manner that complies with privacy regulations, ReachFive enables brands to:

  • Increase consumer trust and satisfaction
  • Reduce the risk of regulatory violation
  • Ensure safe use of customer identity data

Key features that enable brands to control:

consent preference center-centered

Preference Center

Companies can undertake identity lifecycle management by providing customers with a preference center to access and view the data collected about them. Customers can control usage of that data by indicating their consent, and be confident that their data is never used inappropriately — not even for the company’s own analytics.

built-in compliance-centered

Built-in Compliance

The ReachFive platform is architected using a Privacy by Design approach. In this way, and by using other measures, ReachFive builds compliance with GDPR and other data regulations into the platform. ReachFive also empowers data privacy officers (DPOs) with specific tools & user interfaces built just for their needs.

profile purge-centered

Profile Purge

ReachFive gives customers the confidence of knowing that when they close their account, their data is completely and safely deleted. Upon account closure, ReachFire ensures data across all internal systems is also purged. ReachFive knows which systems hold customer data, and uses webhooks to trigger the purge at the appropriate time.

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