Secure and protect customer identities

Customers trust brand to keep their personal data save. Secure identities at every touchpoint to protect against breaches


Customer identities are a prize for hackers

Companies’ external-facing systems are under constant attack. Customer identities are the prize, the target of 65% of data breaches. Despite this, 77% of companies don’t have a plan for a cybersecurity crisis. When hacked, it takes 206 days on average just to detect it’s happened, and 73 days to address it — and may cost $150 per stolen record, not to mention reputational damage and lost valuation. (Source: 2019 Cost of data breach study conducted by Ponemon Institute LLC & sponsored by IBM Security Services).

$150 per stolen record

average cost of a data breach


ReachFive keeps identities secure and out of reach

Companies safeguarding customer identities with ReachFive can be confident they’re protected by cutting-edge security measures. ReachFive continuously invests in knowledge, technologies and practices to frustrate hackers and prevent breaches. Any system calling for identities from ReachFive must adopt rigorous protocols to obtain customer identities. In this way, ReachFive effectively makes other systems more secure in addition to its own platform.

Key ReachFive platform capabilities


Platform Security

Adopted security practices include encryption, password hash, brute force protection, intrusion tests, IP whitelisting, role-based access control and more.


Secure Authorization

Customer identities are shared with third party systems using the latest and most trusted protocols, such as OAuth.



Companies with a preference for one cloud over others, for security or other reasons, cna choose from AWS, Azure, Google, Alibaba, or other geography-specific choices.

Benefits of Customer Identity Protection and Security 

less risk of a breach

Less risk of a breach

ReachFive’s leading security measures are designed to foil hackers and keep your customer identities safe.


lower cost of security

Lower security cost

ReachFive monitors actively the latest security standards, prevents you from any threats, and helps you to safeguard against data breaches.


more strategic focus

More strategic focus

Time not spent studying security threats can be used to focus on strategic priorities that move your business forward.

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