Faster customer support authentication

Better, faster support for your customers at a lower cost to you.



Support is a critical moment for your brand

How customers experience service has a major impact on brand image. If the process of the customer proving who they are is bad or slow, it can ruin the moment. You also don’t want to manage the cost of a live customer service interaction when it’s not needed, such as for a simple password reset — that according to Forrester can cost $70 or more each, and over $1 million annually. 

74% of consumers do not want to share their personal data by phone, and would abandon the transaction because of delays incurred by the authentication process.


the cost for a simple password reset


ReachFive enables better, faster customer service

Authenticating customers at the beginning of a customer support interaction becomes nearly instantaneous with ReachFive. This gets customers the help they need faster, and reduces service cost. But the ease of the experience doesn’t diminish the security of the customer identity, which remains safeguarded throughout. And brands can use authentication powered by ReachFive to enable more self-service options.

Key ReachFive platform capabilities


Adaptive Authentication

Initiate customer support interactions using one-time password (OTP), biometrics and more.


Open API Access

Build custom, self-service customer experience using ReachFive’s REST API, SDKs and webhook support.


Secured Identities

Protect customer identities during support interactions using the most trusted protocols, such as OAuth2.

Benefits of Customer Support Authentication

better support experience

Better support experience

Customers get the support they need faster, with no delays or inconvenience from the authentication process.


more efficient resolution

More efficient resolution

Support representatives resolve customer issues more quickly, wasting less time on authentication, freeing them to move on to other calls sooner.


low cost support channels

Lower helpdesk costs

Enabling more self-serve support options for customers lowers operational costs, while also giving customers better, faster service.

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