Manage Authentication Experience

Connect your customers without creating friction or compromising their experience.


A modern experience requires modern authentication

When customers are ready to buy or use your services, they don’t want lost or forgotten credentials to get in their way. They want their journey with you to be smooth from beginning to end.

But 70% of customers have authentication issues at some point in their experience, which creates friction, irritation and reduces their lifetime value potential. 

While 45% of consumers have been locked out of an online account in the past 12 months, only 33% of companies offers single sign on (SSO), social login or other authentication alternatives.

70% of customers

have authentication issues at some point in their experience


ReachFive creates a better authentication experience

With cutting-edge customer authentication methods, ReachFive creates a better, smoother customer experience. Customers get connected more easily, and stay connected, freeing them to browse, read, use, buy and more.

Customers also have peace of mind of knowing their identity is fully protected, even with an easy login.

Key ReachFive platform capabilities


Adaptive Authentication

State-of-the-art authentication including ID/password, one-time password (OTP), biometrics and more.


Continuous Connection

Customers stay connected continuously via single sign-on, silent authentication, device flow, WebAuthn...


99.99% SLA

Ensures authentication is “always on” so customers can access online services (check-out, delivery information, payment methods...), even at peak demand.

Benefits of Authentication Experience Management

happier customer

Happier customers

Less friction in the customer experience means less frustration and dissatisfaction with the process of being authenticated.


greater engagement

Greater engagement

Easier authentication means more connected customers and better opportunity to engage and deepen the relationship.


better business results

Higher lifetime value

Authenticated customers interact more, see more, buy more. Stimulate repeat business opportunities, especially with your known customers.

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