Enable full privacy compliance

Keep up with fast-changing privacy regulations and increase customer trust.


Privacy is a minefield for consumer businesses

The associated penalties of increasingly complex international privacy regulations are severe. Since the implementation in May 2018 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), EU data protection authorities also imposed €114 million ($126 million) in fines under the privacy regulation for a wide variety of infringements, not all involving data breaches.

The compliance journey is only just beginning: only 36% of global security decision makers say they are fully compliant with GDPR. (Source: Forrester, 2018.)

Privacy, data security and control are at the top of today’s consumer concerns. ReachFive latest consumer research revealed that in 2019, 81% fear their data will be reused or transmitted without their consent.

81% of consumers

fear their data will be reused or transmitted without their consent.


ReachFive keeps you in compliance and helps customers trust

Satisfying privacy regulations becomes much easier with ReachFive because the platform is continuously updated to keep you in compliance. ReachFive’s privacy experts monitor privacy regulations around the world and ensure the latest requirements are being met. You also can give customers exactly what they want with ReachFive: direct control over their identities and how their profile data is used.

Key ReachFive platform capabilities


Built-in Compliance

Architected using a Privacy by Design approach, the platform has compliance with GDPR and other data regulations built in.


Consent Preference Center

Customers can access and view data collected about them and control its usage by providing or withdrawing their consent.


Profile Purge

When customers close their account, their data is completely and safely deleted across all internal systems via triggers and webhooks.

Benefits of Privacy Compliance Assurance

less risk of penalties

Less risk of penalties

The ReachFive platform is designed to keep you in compliance and avoid penalties.


greater customer trust

Greater customer trust

Customers see that you understand their concerns and respect their wishes when it comes to privacy and control.


more strategic focus

More strategic focus

Time not spent keeping up with regulatory changes can be used to focus on strategic priorities that move your business forward.

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