Unify customer identities

Create a 360 degree customer view by using identities to connect profiles.

Each person is an individual, no matter how many profiles

Building relationships with customers is all about individual treatment and personalization. Siloed applications and multiple data sources make it difficult to accomplish it — the average digital transaction spans across 35 systems (source: Dynatrace, Top challenges facing CIO in native cloud world, Global CIO report 2018).

The results: 80% of organizations struggle to create unified customer profiles, because of disconnected identities across the legacy system (54%) or due to poor data quality (33%) (Source: B2C Report led by ReachFive, Netmedia, OpinionWay: Limits and opportunities to data collection, March 2019).

75% of marketers

say they struggle to create unified customer profiles


ReachFive helps you know and engage each customer

Serving as a system of record for customer identities, ReachFive creates connections between systems to build unified profiles. Every customer is uniquely identified, so every interaction and every piece of data can be correctly attributed to the exact person. All this customer knowledge can then be put to work creating the most personalized experience possible for each customer that engages them and strengthens their loyalty.

Key ReachFive platform capabilities


Universal Customer Key

Generated and shared with touchpoint systems so all data captured links back to the right customer.


Account Reconciliation

Prevents duplication of accounts by matching new registrations with existing accounts and merging.


Secure Authorization

Customer identities are connected across systems using trusted security protocols such as OAuth2.

Benefits of Unified Customer Profiles

greater engagement

Greater engagement

From using unified profiles to personalize customer messages and interactions.


less customer dissatisfaction

Less dissatisfaction

From the bad experience of having multiple profiles and logins that fragment their experience with the brand.


lower cost of unifying profiles

Low data quality cost

No need to invest in expensive data manipulation and algorithmic matching to connect customer information across systems.

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