ReachFive provides identity management across the omnichannel journey

By serving as the identity system of record throughout the omnichannel journey, ReachFive helps brands to:

  • Unify customer profiles across touchpoints
  • Reconcile duplicate accounts
  • Expand customer knowledge and insights

Key features that enable brands to unify:

universal customer key-centered

Unique Profile

ReachFive serves as the system of record for customer identities. ReachFive generates a universal key for each customer, sharing it with touchpoint systems as authentication occurs so all data captured links back to that customer. Records of account creation, logins, bounces, origins, devices, etc. is managed by ReachFive itself.

progressive profiling-centered

Progressive Profiling

During account creation, ReachFive captures only what’s necessary, reducing friction so visitors and prospective customers aren’t discouraged from registering. Progressive profiling allows these accounts to be expanded over time at a pace that doesn’t frustrate customers. Customers are prompted for a little more information at appropriate moments to expand the record.

account reconciliation-centered

Account Reconciliation

ReachFive prevents duplication of accounts by matching new registrations with existing accounts and merging profiles. Matches can be made through email, phone number, or any other identifying information. Merged accounts retain every piece of unique information from each separate record to create a single, complete customer profile.

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